Dalia’s Words

22Nov2016 PEACE in Souda.jpg

  1. Peace wasn’t born in conferences but in the hearts of humans.
  2. The principle of an eye for an eye is fair but if we use it the world will become blind. We should forgive and go on.
  3. The difference between hunger and satiety is a loaf of bread, and the difference between love and hate is as thin as a hair, so why don’t we just choose to love?
  4. Why do you lower your gaze on me? The difference between us is… just try to see me near you. l am like you, a fellow human.
  5. Give us a childhood, give us safety. I would say: We want to give our children a childhood, and our elderly a home. We just need safety and peace.
  6. Those who live to deprive others of light, drowns himself in darkness of the shadows.
  7. The true peace is to learn and educate people to conduct themselves according to morality and principles. I would put it this way: True peace is to learn and educate people so that they can respect the essential values of life and love.
  8. In times of peace the sons bury their fathers, but during war the opposite happens. Until when will violent death continue?
  9. We should fill our mind with a candle that we should always light.
  10. We escaped from violence and mass murder.
  11. We ask for help and safety, peace and international protection.
  12. We thank all volunteers and organizations and every human support to refugees.
  13. We left our countries after we lost everything. We came here with tears of kids and worries of women and the wounds in the hearts are far from healing yet.
  14. We were obliged to come here because of war and hard times in our countries.
  15. I would like to live in this: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” This is the first article of the declaration of human rights.

By Dalia Algariby


Dalia is a refugee from Syria. She was in the process of organising a peaceful protest this Friday 25/11 after the recent attacks on Souda camp, however, she received a call this morning that she and her sister will be going to Athens on tonight’s ferryboat.

It came as a surprise she had to leave so soon and was disappointed she couldn’t carry out the peaceful protest that would have included banners of her words. Then came the inspiration to organise a photo with children at Souda camp forming the word PEACE and to include her words above – a heartfelt plea for peace.

We hope Dalia’s Words will help raise awareness of the situation here and inspire peace and acceptance in all.



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